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Hello Everyone! I have uploaded new version of the game. 

Main changes include:

  • Making the jump much easier by adding coyote time.  
  • Reducing screen shakes and fades times.
  • Removing 'automatic' switching dwarfs when one of them dies.

It is nice design, really fun game to play. I love this! :D. But I think you can improve the jump with some allow-jump-delay after player out off platform. In my opinion it would make the jump smoother.


it is a really good game and fun to play but you could have made somthing more creative and around the theme

The art is quite effictive and nicely made! The music is also good. The jumping is a bit hard to handle though... 

Best, Antoine from Corridor.

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Thank you so much! Do you mean difficulty of jumps or a 'feeling' of a jump? I was wondering if the jumps should have a little bit extra force but I was afraid this may significantly decrease the difficulty. 

I'm not sure hwo to describe it, but it feels like the dwarf is super super heavy and that you have to jump from a very precise spot to get to the target platform, else you fall. But yeah, I guess it would it part of the challenge then =)